Company Size: 200+ Employees, 8 locations

Company Industry: Manufacturing

Situation: An independent contractor working on behalf of a manufacturer delivered and stacked goods inside a store, leaving behind debris in the process. A customer sustained injuries from slipping on the debris and sued the retailer. The retailer filed a claim against the manufacturer and alleged the manufacturer was liable for the independent contractor’s negligence in leaving behind the debris. The manufacturer’s insurance company denied coverage because there was not a written contract between the company and its contractor to provide additional insured status.


Key Takeaway: Even if a company has blanket additional insured coverage on its policies, it is imperative to maintain written contracts with any parties needing additional insured status. RBN can help clients review their contracts to ensure the appropriate risk-transfer and insurance provisions are included, and we can also help clients manage their additional insured commitments to ensure compliance with policy requirements.

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