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2021 Open Enrollment/ Employee Benefit Changes

2021 Open Enrollment/ Employee Benefit Changes

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Excess/Umbrella Insurance Overview

Excess/Umbrella Insurance Overview As we exit a soft insurance market and enter into a hard insurance market, one of the coverage areas that has been affected is the Excess/Umbrella market. Excess/Umbrella coverage is particularly hard to place for risks that are viewed as higher hazard by the insurance industry. Several factors are driving disruption to […]

Organizational Culture During COVID-19

Organizational Culture During COVID-19 With many organizations having a majority of their workforce work remotely for the first time, leaders are developing new strategies to maintain and improve their organizational culture. During this unusual time, the right decisions can help grow employee engagement, decrease employee turnover, and increase talent recruitment efforts. Below are ways to […]

Controlling Health Benefit Costs for 2021

Controlling Health Benefit Costs for 2021 Health insurance costs are expected to rise in 2021. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, these costs have been increasing for years, with increases totaling more than 50% from the previous decade. Additionally, the ongoing economic impacts of COVID-19 will contribute to further uncertainty in the structure of benefits […]

COVID-19: Employee Travel Considerations

COVID-19: Employee Travel Considerations The COVID-19 pandemic has required employers to continuously review how they can adapt their business operations to keep their employees and customers safe. An increasingly important item to consider is employee travel, whether for personal or business needs. Below are answers to common concerns regarding employees traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Revised FMLA Forms

Revised FMLA Forms  Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) revised Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms. These revisions require more detailed information in certain notices and medical certifications.  The forms changed include:  WH-381, notice of eligibility and rights and responsibilities  WH-382, designation notice  WH-380-E, medical certification of an employee’s serious health condition  WH-380-F, medical certification of a family member’s serious health condition   […]

Preventing Distracted Driving

DISTRACTED DRIVING “94% of crashes are caused by human error” – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Distracted driving poses a significant risk to every business that has employees who drive for company business. Common activities that divert attention from the road include texting, eating, drinking, reaching for an object, talking with a passenger, and […]

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