Driving conditions in winter can change fast, leading to dangerous conditions on the road. Winter road conditions present safety challenges that fleet managers need to address through planning, tracking, and driver training.

10 Inclement Weather Tips

  1. Remind all drivers to slow down. The speed limit might be too fast for inclement weather.
  2. Coach your drivers to leave plenty of space between their vehicle and the ones ahead and beside them.
  3. Instruct your drivers that there is no stopping on the side of the road in low visibility circumstances.
  4. Prohibit drivers from using the compression release engine brake on icy roads.
  5. Ensure your vehicles are equipped with high-quality lug tires and wiper blades.
  6. Double-check that all of your vehicles are supplied with winter supplies such as deicing washer fluid, a snow shovel, light sticks, flares, and a blanket.
  7. Confirm your drivers conduct their pre-trip inspections before they depart, paying special attention to the systems affected most by cold temperatures.
  8. Make sure to test batteries in all vehicles regularly to ensure they are working correctly.
  9. Keep vehicle fuel tanks full to help with traction on the road.
  10. Switch engine oils to a cold-weather formula.


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RBN has 25+ years of experience designing custom risk management and insurance solutions. Additionally, RBN provides an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools, including up-to-date OSHA information, human resources forms, and compliance information.


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