OSHA Safe and Sound Week: August 9-15, 2021 

OSHA holds an annual event called Safe and Sound Week, which promotes incorporating safety and health programs into the workplace. This year, the event runs from August 9-15. The event provides resources employers can use to promote worker and workplace safety. Resources offered include: 

  •  Brochures 
  •  Webinars 
  •  Safety and health program courses 

Why Participate? 

Employers can proactively engage in safety activities and programs, which increases safety awareness and the ability to identify and reduce dangers. Reducing accidents not only increases employee morale but helps control insurance costs. 

Who Can Participate? 

All employers looking to expand their safety awareness and receive recognition for their commitment to safety are welcome. In 2020, more than 3,400 businesses participated. 

How Can Employers Register? 

Employers should visit the Safe and Sound website and select activities to participate in. Once the event is completed, employers can download a certificate and web badge to recognize their organization’s and employees’ participation. 

RBN is Here to Help 

For more risk management guidance, contact RBN Insurance today. RBN has 25+ years of experience constructing custom risk management and insurance solutions. Additionally, RBN provides an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools, including up-to-date OSHA information, human resources forms, and compliance information.

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