Organizational Culture During COVID-19

With many organizations having a majority of their workforce work remotely for the first time, leaders are developing new strategies to maintain and improve their organizational culture. During this unusual time, the right decisions can help grow employee engagement, decrease employee turnover, and increase talent recruitment efforts. Below are ways to maintain and improve your organization’s culture while employees work remotely.

Promote Company Values: An organization’s mission, purpose, and objectives are meaningful to a culture. Ensure these essential items remain a focus in all communications and efforts from management.

Embrace Flexibility: Ensure employees feel that health and safety are top priorities. Support employees and keep communication open and confidential between management and employees at all times.

Prioritize Collaboration: Employees feel engaged when they are involved. While employees are now spending a substantial amount of time alone, be forward-thinking about facilitating collaboration between employees and management.

Rethink Communications & Technology: Companies need to be conscientious about their communications. Word-of-mouth and casual encounters are no longer a primary factor in employee engagement. Utilizing strategic communication channels can increase engagement. Sample technology to use includes intranets, social networking, and video applications.

Facilitate Engagement: When employees engage with coworkers and the company, it builds camaraderie. In addition to work-related meetings, non-work-related conversations can support a positive culture.  Management can create opportunities for employees to engage virtually for business and non-business reasons through technology and regularly scheduled events.

Prioritize New Hire Remote Onboarding: Onboarding new hires virtually can require more preparation and intentionality than the traditional in-person new hire orientation process. It’s important to make sure new hires feel included and are aware of a company’s culture.



Leaders are being pulled in multiple directions as they navigate a new business environment while helping employees manage new challenges. Contact RBN Insurance Services for additional resources regarding organizational culture, employee engagement, and considerations for a remote workforce.

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