Driver & Fleet Safety Tips

Fleet vehicle accidents are among the most costly of injury claims for businesses. The average cost of a loss related to vehicle accidents is approximately $70,000. This is almost twice the cost of the average workplace injury of $36,592. – National Safety Council

A safety plan, regardless of company and fleet size, improves safety, reduces lost time, and creates potential insurance savings.


Written Policies & Procedures: Document clear and consistent expectations. Build a culture of safety.

Management Commitment: Leadership support helps guarantee program utilization and employee involvement.

Driver Screening & Selection: Establish hiring standards and a comprehensive screening process for anyone who drives on company business, including personal and/or rented vehicles.

Driver Training & Communication: All drivers need training on safe driving strategies, safety protocols, and compliance. Provide continuous driver safety training, assessments, and communication.

Accident Documentation & Management: This helps mitigate accident costs. Additionally, it helps you understand exposures and how to reduce losses.

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Protocol: These protocols can reduce costly, unexpected breakdowns, and can assist in avoiding accidents due to faulty equipment.



RBN understands the unique needs of manufacturers & distributors with 25+ years of experience crafting custom risk management and insurance solutions. Additionally, RBN provides an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools, including up-to-date OSHA information, human resources forms, and compliance information.

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