Many businesses have recently gone remote to help protect their employees and clients from coronavirus (COVID-19). While going remote is intended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, it can lead to an increase in cybersecurity issues, especially for businesses that don’t usually run remotely.

In addition to securing a cyber insurance policy, you can educate your employees on cybersecurity tips and enact additional security protocols to help control your cybersecurity risks.


Cybersecurity Security Protocols for Employers

  1. Remind employees of the information that they need to safeguard
  2. Make backup copies of essential business data and information
  3. Limit employee access to data, information, and ability to install software
  4. Prohibit company information from being downloaded or saved to employees’ devices or cloud services
  5. Frequently update antivirus and antispyware software as well as operating system updates, and remind employees to do this on their personal devices
  6. Implement a clear policy around wire transfers and other electronic payments
  7. Enact multi-factor authentication for sensitive systems
  8. Train employees on how to detect phishing attempts
  9. Send out cybersecurity reporting protocol to all employees, and encourage them to report anything bizarre or unusual


RBN is here to help

During this time of uncertainty, you can count on RBN to be there for you. RBN has worked with many organizations on developing cybersecurity risk management and insurance programs. RBN can provide resources to help evaluate your processes, develop a business continuity plan, educate your employees on best practices.

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